ENVIROS started a project Green City Action Plan in Mrkonjić Grad

Based on a detailed analysis of environmental indicators, ENVIROS from the Czech Republic will prepare a Green City Action Plan for Mrkonjić Grad. The project was supported by the UNDP (United Nations Development Program) through the Czech Challenge Fund in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). On July 31, 2019, the first introductory meeting regarding this project was held in Mrkonjić Grad.

The coordinator of this project, Strahinja Mladenovic, Ph.D. said that the Green City Action Plan will contain a plan of measures and a detailed description of future projects with a financial proposal for the investment and operating costs. The following sectors will be analyzed: air quality, energy and buildings, water, waste, resource efficiency and sustainable development and green spaces, forests and biodiversity. The meeting was also attended by ENVIROS experts Natalia Anferova (waste and wastewater) and Katerina Maneva Mitrovikj (air quality).

The goal is to create a practical and enforceable strategic document that will, over the next ten to fifteen years, accurately define goals to improve environmental and energy standards and make Mrkonjic Grad a better place to live for all citizens and visitors. The Mayor of Mrkonjic Grad Divna Aničić thanked everyone who took part in this project, which is of great importance because the city can always be better and greener. In this project ENVIROS works in cooperation with two local companies, Grijanjeinvest from Pale and WaldProjekt from Bosanska Krupa.

More information on Mrkonjić Grad Municipality website and on video news of the national televsion of Republika Srpska (30:51).

(Source: Municipality of Mrkonjić Grad)

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