Waste Development Plan of Kazbegi Region in Georgia has been successfully done by ENVIROS

In November 2019, an integrated and strategic approach to waste management in the rural mountainous region Kazbegi has been successfully carried out by ENVIROS. Under the Czech – UNDP Partnership for SDGs, waste management practices in the municipality of Stepantsminda and surrounding villages aims to develop a local waste recycling centre to separate waste collection, fulfil the Extended Producer Responsibility legislation and minimize biodegradable waste disposal. It is concerned with an elaboration of the Waste Development Plan for Kazbegi Municipality focusing in particular on recyclable materials with the main aim to develop an Independent Recycling Community in Kazbegi region. Through amendment of the Municipal Waste Management Plan this project brings technical, organisational and financial strategies for sustainable waste, recycling and resource management at regional level to be in-line with national requirements. The project identified innovative ways in which waste management can contribute to urban development, climate change mitigation and also incorporates Czech experience in waste recycling. This plan is a best practice for waste management in order to facilitate the move to circular economy.

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