EduZWaCE Diagnosis Tool published

The EduZWaCE consortium has published the on-line version of the Diagnosis Tool that helps companies (in particular SMEs) to investigate opportunities for circular economy and zero waste solutions in their specific context. Through its self-assessment, the company can identify the most effective opportunities for improvements in terms of circularity as well as the overall sustainability performance, and choose the most effective leverage points and feasible measures leading to both an improvement in circularity and efficient allocation of its limited resources.

In order to optimize improvement measures and actions, it is important to review the whole system of a business in a consistent way; therefore, all levels of a company are assessed in a systematic way, including the physical level (products, production processes), as well as the governance level (business strategy, stakeholder relations and status of collaboration).

The user is invited to express, what partial topics are more (or less) important for their business concept, and is asked to provide qualitative and quantitative information about company’s situation in the area of resource use, waste management, product, business, and circularity with focus on both internal and external aspects. As the result, the user receives two categories of KPIs. First category is represented by the indicators evaluating potential and good logic how the business concept is structured, while the second category is made up of KPIs showing the overall performance and comparison to benchmarks.

The tool is available in the Collaborative Section of the EduZWaCE Platform ( to be used for free by companies and circular economy experts. Apart from the Platform, the Diagnosis Tool is closely linked with the other intellectual outputs of the project. The tool users are offered the possibility to obtain additional information by exploring the resources of the Knowledge Hub as well as to learn more about concrete topics in the On-line Course. At the same time, the Diagnosis Tool is used as one of the possible training materials in the Course.

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