ENVIROS offers to cooperate in Horizon 2020 - Enviros

For the Horizon 2020 Call for Proposals for Energy Efficiency projects (deadline 7th June 2017) ENVIROS offers to cooperate as partner in consortiums on the following topics:

Heating and cooling

EE-02-2017: Improving the performance of inefficient district heating networks https://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/desktop/en/opportunities/h2020/topics/ee-02-2017.html

Public authorities

EE-09-2017: Engaging and activating public authorities https://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/desktop/en/opportunities/h2020/topics/ee-09-2016-2017.html


EE-15-2017: Increasing capacities for actual implementation of energy efficiency measures in industry and services https://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/desktop/en/opportunities/h2020/topics/ee-15-2017.html

EE-18-2017: Energy efficiency of industrial parks through energy cooperation and mutualised energy services https://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/desktop/en/opportunities/h2020/topics/ee-18-2017.html

Financing energy efficiency

EE-23-2017: Innovative financing schemes https://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/desktop/en/opportunities/h2020/topics/ee-23-2017.html

EE-24-2017: Making the energy efficiency market investible https://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/desktop/en/opportunities/h2020/topics/ee-24-2016-2017.html


ENVIROS can offer its expertise in the following areas:

  • Development of energy and environmental strategies, policy, legislation, support programmes and action plans for national, regional and local authorities;
  • Promotional activities and training in energy efficiency on topics like project development, energy management and its introduction.
  • Energy audits and implementation of energy management systems in industry and buildings;
  • Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), facilitation of EPC projects, trainings on EPC in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • Energy Efficiency project development and evaluation, submission for financing. ENVIROS has worked as independent consultant for financing of energy efficiency project for major banks in the Central European region and international financial institutions like EBRD and EIB.

Please contact Michael tenDonkelaar michael.tendonkelaar@enviros.cz for further information.

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