EUCF – Take the chance to participate in the first call for application! APPLY BEFORE 02 OCTOBER 2020

The EUCF first call for applications will be open from 25 May until 2 October (2020).

The initial duration of the call (2 months) has been extended due to the extraordinary circumstances resulting from Covid-19 outbreak.

Download the CALL DOCUMENT here.



The European City Facility (EUCF) aims to support municipalities and local authorities in developing Investment Concepts (IC) related to the implementation of actions identified in their climate and energy action plans. The ultimate objective of the EUCF is to build a substantial pipeline of sustainable energy investment projects across municipalities in Europe.



The EUCF finances with a fixed grant of EUR 60,000 the development of an Investment Concept.



The EUCF is open to all municipalities/local authorities and their groupings from the EU-27 and UK. Applicants require a politically approved climate and sustainable energy plan. This includes SEAPs (Sustainable Energy Action Plan)/SECAPs (Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan), developed within the Covenant of Mayors framework, or plans of similar ambition with climate and energy targets at least for the year 2020.

Moreover, applicants have to demonstrate political commitment to the development of the Investment Concept through a letter of support, signed by the mayor or other relevant political representative.

The applicant must commit to the EUCF monitoring period of two years by submitting two simple monitoring forms on key figures.

Link to Eligibility Check.



The EUCF finances activities, such as (technical) feasibility studies, market analysis, stakeholder analysis, legal, economic and financial analysis, risk analysis, etc. that are required to develop the investment concept. These activities can be delivered by in-house staff or subcontracted external experts.

The grant cannot directly finance the actual investments, but it covers costs to mobilise resources and access services to develop an Investment Concept.


Please find the full details to the evaluation process in the Guidelines for Applicants.



In line with the EUCF objectives, local authorities/municipalities are strongly encouraged to join forces and resources and submit joint applications, in order to increase the ambition of the proposal and increase the chances of success. You want to apply as a grouping? Check our web site and see what you should consider when applying as a grouping.



The overall application process consists of two main steps: the eligibility check and the full application.

The application form will be accessible online as of the 25 May 2020, 00:00 (Brussels time) via the EUCF website underOnline Application”.

For more information on the Application Process, click here.



Please read the Guidelines for Applicants and the FAQs on the EUCF website, before applying.

Please also see our EUCF launch webinar´s recording here and the presentation here.

For specific queries, please contact the EUCF Helpdesk or the Country Expert, responsible for your region.

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