Feasibility Study on district cooling system in Bečej municipality

This feasibility study should elaborate the technical and economic options for the installation of a central (district) cooling system in the Municipality of Bečej, Republic of Serbia (Autonomous Province of Vojvodina) which will be based on renewable energy sources.

District Cooling System (DCS) is an energy-efficient air conditioning system because it consumes 20% – 35% less electricity compared to traditional air-cooled air-conditioning systems. In some countries that have a high demand for heating and cooling, the equipment can also be designed to supply hot water and create a district heating and cooling system. Serbia is one of these countries with harsh winters and hot summers.

The main long-term goal of the project is the use of renewable energy sources  (e.g. agricultural biomass) for the central cooling system for municipal and public buildings, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and mitigating and adapting to climate change.

Project on developing feasibility study for central (district) cooling system in the Municipality of Bečej was supported by Czech Development Agency – CZECHAID and company ENVIROS from Prague as a donation based through Programme B2B. Feasibility study shall be elaborated by November 2020.

(Photo source: FB page of Bečej Municipality)

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