International team succesfully finished the project guarantEE.

The guarantEE project fosters the use of Energy Performance Contracting in the public and private sector across Europe. It is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and involves 13 partners from across Europe. This report outlines a series of policy recommendations that the partnership feels, if implemented, would help to significantly boost the EPC market in Europe and thus help us reach our climate targets with greater efficiency and speed.

The first recommendation addresses the communication of EPC and dispels the myths often associated with it. The most common misconception of EPC is that it should only be considered if you need external finance for a project. Another misconception is that EPC is only suitable for large, multi-million Euro projects. A third is that EPC projects are significantly more difficult and costly to implement than “traditional” projects. While it is possible to use EPC to source external finance in order to implement very large projects that are complex to both procure and deliver, the results of the guarantEE project show that this is not representative of the current EPC market across Europe. The aggregation of buildings allows for smaller facilities to also be included in EPC projects. The 35 pilot projects of guarantEE show that these misconceptions do not represent the current EPC market across Europe.

If you are interested, find the EPC Policy Recommendation Report here.

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