Lviv is one of the first in Ukraine to develop a Green City development strategy

Lviv is one of the pilot cities in Ukraine for developing a strategy
of green city development in all areas – water, transport, landfill,
etc. The project is funded by the EBRD. Today the Mayor of Lviv met
with consultants of the Green Cities Action Plan program. During the
meeting they presented the elaborated “Green City Action Plan for
Lviv”. The plan will also be presented this Thursday at a session of
the Lviv City Council.

“The plan presented is being developed in collaboration with the EBRD.
This is a new initiative and new international valuation standards, as
the EBRD is currently planning to invest its largest green technology
investments. And we, like Europe and the whole world, are moving
towards “green technologies”.

The purpose of this Plan is to select the areas that are most
important for the city to be safe and environmentally friendly.
Therefore, this Plan shows in what areas of the city’s life
investments should be made in order to achieve the goals of the Green
City – high quality of life, safety, environmental friendliness,
”explained Alexander Kobzarev, Director of the City Institute.

Bob Bailey, Director of Enviros, reported on the development of the
Green City Action Plan (GCAP) for Lviv.

“Thank you for your work. It is important for our city, and we
definitely need to move in this direction. You have correctly
identified these “pain points” that are. In the coming months, we will
actively work with our utility companies to improve their level, and
we will actively cooperate with you to implement the activities, ”said
Andriy Sadovy, Mayor of Lviv.

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