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Regional Energy Concept of the Liberec Region (update in 2015) - Enviros


KÚ Libereckého kraje

ENVIROS developed an update of Regional Energy Concept of the Liberec Region in 2015. The Concept  is a long term strategy for the time period up to 2040. The updated Concept monitors all  the major changes in the field of energy use that have taken place in the region since the previous Concept wording in 2010. The updated Concept variously predicts prospective development in the next 25 years on the basis of analysis of the monitored trends  and  defined assumptions. The selected variant is involved in the list of measures for the Regional Energy Concept implementation.

The energy concept is elaborated in the range according to Government Decree no. 195/2001 Coll. with regard to the amendment to Act No. 406/2000 Coll., on Energy Management and to the Government Decree  no. 232/2015 Coll., which was approved after the contractual date for the Concept update processing (2015). The concept was approved, the announcement of Concept change for SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment) was processed. With regard to the stance of the Ministry of the Environment, the Concept update was not assessed under the Act on Environmental Impact Assessment.


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