Transfer of green experience from the Czech Republic to Georgia - Enviros


ENVIROS has recently completed a development cooperation project financed by the Czech Republic’s Aid for Trade programme. In the framework of this project, ENVIROS developed three feasibility studies for micro hydro power plants in three mountain valleys of the Dusheti municipality in the Aragvi region of Georgia. The three selected mountain valleys Bakurkhevi, Gorshegma and Ukanapshavi are located in the upper part of the Aragvi river basin and have either no electricity supply or only limited supply with small rooftop photovoltaic panels. This does not enable local people to remain in the villages during winter time and limits the possibility of developing businesses like tourist facilities or local diary production.

The project team from ENVIROS has therefore proposed options for local renewable electricity supply that will be reliable, and which will enable local people to stay in the village year-round and at the same time create small local businesses.

The main findings of the studies are that the generation of electricity with a small hydro power plant is a promising option in one of the three valleys (Ukanapshavi), but may not necessarily be the best option in the remaining two valleys. Here supply of electricity with photovoltaic plants, either off-grid (Gorsheghma) or on-grid (Bakurkhevi) is probably the best option for a reliable electricity supply.

The project results have been presented by ENVIROS in September 2023 to an audience of main project beneficiaries and other relevant local stakeholders at the Dusheti municipal hall.

At this event it became clear that this project had major support on the local level. As the development of tourist facilities and small businesses depends on the availability of energy supply, this initiative was very welcome.




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