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Industrial clients constitute one of the most important segments of our business. In this section you can find services for energy producers and suppliers and for industrial enterprises. Our business covers all enterprise sizes from SMEs to large multinational corporations.

Energy management

Are you dealing with one-off savings or do you want your energy costs to be under constant supervision and control?Do you want to incorporate energy management into your ISO system using ISO 50001 Standard?Are you looking for a clear and...


What are SMART CITY, SMART REGION, and SMART SOLUTION?Maybe you already use some of parts of a SMART solution! Today with the help of ICT you can smartly manage your regions, towns and municipalities.

Energy audit

Are you subject to preparing an energy audit under Act 406/2000 Coll. on Energy Management?Do you want to identify energy saving measures in your company and save operating cost?Please contact our team of certified energy specialists! 

Credit lines in Czech republic

Are you aware that you can use other sources for financing  your energy efficiency projects than the EU structural funds or commercial credit?

Thermal imaging

Use modern technology for your cost savings! We perform thermal imaging of buildings or of equipment in industry. Our experienced specialists use thermal imaging methods to indicate critical points for determining saving measures.


Do you see the effect of education on your personnel?Do you try to get the best from your current employees or do you simply replace them with new ones?How do you monitor and use your employees’ potential?


Looking to make energy savings with no capital expenditure?Pay for your investments through your savings.The Contractor is motivated through the Energy Performance Contract to achieve the savings to recover the investment costs.

Energy savings plan and energy assesment

Do you know how to reduce consumption and energy costs and save money in long term?Are you considering new measures in your energy systems but are not sure whether they are effective and efficient?


Are you investing  in projects focused on renewable energy sources?Are you wondering how to finance photovoltaic, wind or biomass power stations projects or projects based on the use of landfill gas?

Grant advisory

Looking for ways to finance your project?Don’t have reliable information on using the EU Structural Funds?Developing projects focused on energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, production innovation, waste management or emission savings?


Are you a municipality, town or region and you need to solve your waste management or environmental problems? Are you a producer and would you like to save more energy and materials or utilise your waste? Are you a consumer...

Energy performance certificate

Are you an owner or a tenant of a property and do you want to fix the purchase price or rental cost?

Boiler Inspection

When is an inspection mandatory for your organisation?Are you the house owner or an association of owners and do you own or operate a boiler for heating with nominal output 20 kW or more? If yes, then an inspection is...


Are you a producer in the chemical, energy, food, paper or metals industries or you are the owner of agricultural production (animal feeding facilities included)? Then you are involved in an IPPC regulated process.


When is the inspection mandatory for your organization?Are you the house owner or an association of owners and do you own or operate an air conditioning system with nominal cooling input  of 12 kW or more? If yes, then the...


Planning a big investment? Expanding your business? Planning a new project in your town or village?


Do you need immediate, easy and free advice in the field of energy efficiency?Contact us, we are one of Energy Consultancy Centres (EKIS) performing free advisory services under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Our experience


annual consumption 35000 GJ - the obligation to perform EA.


Act 406/2000 Coll.


11 certified energy specialists


Customer: ELIMON

EIA – Mírovka

Looping 400 kV line to Mírovka distribution station was one of the most interesting EIA projects. The project was designed for ČEPS in collaboration with ELIMON company. The documentation…

Customer: Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu ČR

Energy efficiency consultation centre EKIS

Our company operates the energy efficiency consultancy centre (EKIS) that is funded by the grant program EFEKT.  Consultation services are provided by ENVIROS energy specialists to all – private persons, public bodies,…