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International Institutions

Here you can find services we offer to international financial institutions and development organizations such as EBRD, EIB, World bank, UNDP.

International projects

ENVIROS is a leading consulting company providing assistance mainly in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental issues in the Czech Republic, Central and Eastern Europe.


Are you a municipality, town or region and you need to solve your waste management or environmental problems?Are you a producer and would you like to save more energy and utilise your waste?Are you a consumer and have no idea...

Credit lines EBRD

Are you investing in energy savings, CO2 emissions reduction or renewable energy sources and are you looking for funding, consultancy or technical assistance?Are you certain that in countries where you invest your project is in line with the European Directive...

Credit lines in Czech republic

Are you aware that you can use other sources for financing  your energy efficiency projects than the EU structural funds or commercial credit?

Our experience


Projects for EUR 250 M from EBRD credit line were prepared for EE and RES financing in Slovakia.


We prepard projects for more than USD 30 M to be financed in Belarus.


We collaborate with more than 15 banks on EE and RES constrution financing.


Customer: Evropská komise


The guarantEE project  helps using the Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) method  both in public and private sectors throughout Europe, particularly by delevoping innovative solutions of the EPC method for…

Customer: Evropská komise


The project aims to promote activities to increase energy efficiency in the Printing Industry by means of the Energy Management implementation based on the global standard ISO 50001. During the…