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Municipality of Mrkonjić Grad in Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina together with ENVIROS, s.r.o. from Prague, Czech Republic in association with local companies, Grijanjeinvest d.o.o. Pale and WaldProjekt d.o.o. Bosanska Krupa has prepared an Action Plan with focus on green and blue infrastructure development implemented by UNDP in Europe and Central Asia with funds from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

The Action Plan, called “Sustainable Environmental Investment Action Plan” or SEIAP in Municipality of Mrkonjić Grad, is a practical and enforceable strategic document that will be used as a guide for the municipal stakeholders into environmental and energy performance improvement. The work on the SEIAP in Municipality of Mrkonjić Grad was successfully finished and completed in time, regardless of the circumstances and limitations made by the COVID-19 pandemic. The final webinar organized for municipal stakeholders was very well received

The main focus of these projects is in key critical sectors that require attention such as waste and wastewater management, air quality and energy efficiency, e.g. modernization and rehabilitation of current municipal landfill, wastewater treatment plant, district heating plant on renewable energy sources, energy improvements of existing buildings, biodiversity programs, etc.

With developed Plan, it is expected that Municipality of Mrkonjić Grad will attract potential investors and donors who could assist the Municipality with the financing of green and blue projects to make the Municipality of Mrkonjić Grad a better place to live for all citizens and visitors. It will also assist the municipality in achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG 5, SDG 6, SDG 7, SDG 8, SDG 13 and SDG 16.

For more details, please contact UNDP, ENVIROS, s.r.o. or Municipality of Mrkonjić Grad.



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