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In May, the EduZWaCE Knowledge Hub was updated providing now access to over 160 useful resources from the field of zero waste and circular economy. Majority of resources are available in English; however, users can find there also several resources in all partner languages including Czech, German, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian and Spanish.

The Knowledge Hub was developed with the aim of gathering selected information for enabling circular projects and ideas, and was introduced at the project website in September 2019. It is a systematic, organized, user-friendly and innovative tool to allow participants to have access to tailored information, allowing further enclosure of new contents, so that users can be continuously updated on resources related to circular economy and zero waste.

The Knowledge Hub represents the recent level of knowledge in the field as more than a half of resources were published in last three years including the newest resources from 2020. These are mostly books, manuals and reports as well as articles and scientific papers; nevertheless, users can find there also many other types of resources including dedicated websites, regular courses and on-line trainings, etc.

The EduZWaCE project focuses on two main target groups: professionals from companies and VET teachers and trainers, for which two educational courses have been developed – EduZWaCE Manager and EduZWaCE Worker. The Knowledge Hub represents a robust database of resources that the trainees will have a possibility to use in addition to standard training materials; however, the Knowledge Hub is of course open to all interested experts.

You are welcome to explore it!


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