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Although, first and foremost, unjustly blamed for the COVID-19 pandemic (also: coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2), bats are only natural carriers of this virus with which they cohabit for thousands of years. Bats do a lot of good for the world – they pollinate plants, consume harmful insects that transmit diseases and help spread seeds that contribute to the natural regeneration of forests and, above all, they are not human predators. By destroying the natural habitats of these animals, such as forest ecosystems, intensive livestock farming on degraded land and growing agricultural and forest plantations, it brings wildlife into closer contact with humans and livestock than it would naturally happen. This is an ideal opportunity for viruses and other microorganisms to come into contact with humans, for some of they can be deadly. Large cities are most affected by the virus pandemic, mostly due to high air pollution. Some big cities (New York, Cologne, Cagliari, Oakland) are widely considering changing its urban planning system. It is proposed to close parts of the cities for pedestrian zones, green areas and physical activities zones in order to provide people with more space for walking, sport, running, cycling. The goal is to contribute primarily to the mental and physical health of citizens and strengthen the immunity of the population. Although the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus has not yet subsided, data from meteorological satellites show that the level of air pollution with nitrogen dioxide (NO2) has dropped worldwide since the pandemic began – see video below. NO2 is emitted in most cases by burning fossil fuels at high temperatures, as well as in internal combustion engines. Italian scientists have also pointed out that areas with higher air pollution are more susceptible to infection caused by coronavirus.

Consulting services of ENVIROS GLOBAL bring our clients different opportunities to deal with specific conditions related to the current situation. Sophisticated and innovative solutions that enable safe and successful management of all types of business is increasingly important and ENVIROS experts are ready to help. Among the services that can contribute to the sustainability of your business, the following expert services in the field of energy and environmental protection can be listed as the most relevant:

  • Buildings and Industry Energy Management – our solution is STRATA software, you can monitor your consumption without the need to leave the comfort of the office or home
  • Project Financing and Project Management – we cooperate with major international financial institutions, organizations and development agencies, we can bring the financing to your project
  • BREEAM certificates – healthy solutions for your office space
  • Environmental Due Diligence and Environmental Site Assessment – the environmental assessment of your considered acquisitions has been supplemented by the adjustment of mitigation measures COVID-19
  • Green urban areas, planting trees and green cities – we provide expert support to your municipal or city administration, related to the creation of new green areas that contribute to reducing air pollution and the resilience of cities to virus pandemics
  • Resource efficiency – zero-waste and circular economy
  • Feasibility studies, studies for climate change and climate protection and resilience
  • Adaptation studies and analysis


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(Izvor: Pixabay, European Space Agency, ESA)


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