Thanks to the project “Municipal Renewable Energy Plan (MUREP): Innovative Utilization Of Solar Energy In A Municipality Of Karpoš”, implementing by ENVIROS, s.r.o., the Municipality of Karpoš (City of Skopje) in North Macedonia will have access to a strategic guideline for smart use of renewable energy sources, especially solar energy. The main objective of this project is to encourage the use of renewable energy by proposing innovative and replicable technical and business solutions and present solutions for implementing financial instruments and tools.

Municipality of Karpoš considers energy efficiency in the municipality as a very crucial issue that, due to lack of funds for reconstruction and adjustments, requires the use of all the potential methods for financing of the resource efficiency projects, usage of alternative energy sources and application and sharing of the know-how from developed countries, in this case, Slovakia. We hope that this project will help the municipality to achieve and contribute to sustainable development goals set by United Nations.

There is a big potential to utilize solar energy in North Macedonia, which can lead to less usage of fossil fuels, reduce air pollution and create new jobs. The project defines a long-term vision in the development of the energy sector and will implement measures for improving energy efficiency, air quality and transport. Moreover, the project aims to create a pathway of change in the Macedonian business market through the implementation of innovative solutions for financial mechanisms.

Based on the know-how of the experts and the combined experience on the Slovakian and other markets in this field, the project will propose a strategy for sustainable use of solar energy, including a visual representation of all available rooftops and sites for the development of photovoltaic plants, will develop a comprehensive and innovative business model for efficient usage of heat pumps and cooling units, both for municipal and private sector stakeholders. Such project has many positive impacts on the improvement of local environment state, sustainable growth and wellbeing of local people. The innovative solutions of this project have big potential for further replication and scaling up, which would positively affect lives of local people in terms of jobs creation and access to a secure, cost-effective and sustainable energy in the near future. Local communities will benefit from better air quality, as air pollution is a significant risk factor that negatively affects health. They might have also more opportunities to use green modes of transportation.

The project is financed by the Slovak Challenge Fund, an effective driver of innovation and change in the region. 

If you are interested in the solution or Slovak Challenge Fund, please contact our collegues:

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