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Lviv is the first city in Ukraine to develop a Green City Action Plan – GCAP, a green strategic document for sustainable urban development in following sectors – water, waste, transport and air protection, land use, biodiversity, energy and buildings. The project is funded by the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic. The Mayor of Lviv, Mr Andriy Sadovy met with Bob Bailey and Jan Pejter, ENVIROS project managers of the Green Cities Action Plan project, where “Green City Action Plan for Lviv” was presented together with proposed actions and financial aspects. The plan was also be presented at a session of the Lviv City Council.

“The plan presented is being developed in collaboration with the EBRD. This is a new initiative and new international valuation standards, as the EBRD is currently planning to have large investments in green technologies. And Lviv, like Europe and the whole world, is moving towards “green technologies and concepts” said Lviv Mayor, Mr Sadovy.

The purpose of this Plan is to select the key sectors that are most important for the city environmental performance. Therefore, GCAP shows what sectors of the city’s environmental investments should be priorities in order to achieve the goals of the Green City, which are higher quality of life, safety, environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, renewable energy, increased biodiversity, sustainable land use planning, waste management together with zero waste and recycle concepts, quality drinking water and prevention of water bodies pollution, etc. During the expert visit to the Lviv, ENVIROS and EMPRESS experts Pavel Růžička, Katerina Maneva Mitrovikj and Strahinja Mladenović has conducted capacity building trainings to the city representatives and other interested stakeholders in topics such as Waste, Air Protection and Sustainable Cities (Land Use and Biodiversity).





Lviv GCAP Project Manager, Bob Bailey presents the Plan to the City Council:


(source: Lviv City Council)

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