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One of the main outputs delivered by the FIRECE project was development of an e-learning training course on energy planning and use of financial instruments that supports implementation of projects on energy efficient and renewable energy sources in companies.

The purpose of the training modules is to provide knowledge and easily accessible information on the subject, and thus support achievement of the main FIRECE goal:

To provide better public support and more efficient use of innovative financial instruments for investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency in the industry sector.

The training modules provide main competences to coordinators and public operators who are in charge of implementation and management of energy plans and innovative financial instruments with particular focus on industry low-carbon transition. However, they can serve as training materials to any other user who is interested in this topic.

The training course was designed so that the entire content of the training material is comprised and conducted within 40 hours, and it consists of five thematic blocks. Each block contains several modules (minimum three) with a similar structure of the content.

The training materials consist of presentations, documents, videos and case studies, and include also materials from the train-the-trainers workshop “Energy efficiency and renewable energy financial instruments for managing authorities” which was organized in cooperation with the fi-compass platform.

The main thematic blocks of the training are the following:

  1. EU Energy Policy and Objectives
  2. Management of Energy Plans
  3. Development of Financial Instruments
  4. Monitoring the Impact of Public Investment
  5. Support for SMEs to Invest into Energy Efficiency

Block 1 provides information on the EU targets in energy efficiency, renewables and the reduction of GHG emissions. It includes also information on the current situation in the EU, with a particular focus on the current situation of the project partner countries and the role of the industry sector.

Block 2 is dedicated to energy planning, such as the development and the implementation of energy plans, local energy plans (for instance, SECAP – Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans) and the involvement of the industry sector and all relevant actors in the energy planning process.

Block 3 provides knowledge on how to develop, manage, monitor and evaluate financial mechanisms with a special focus on public support mechanisms and innovative financial instruments.

Block 4 presents methodologies and indicators on how to monitor and evaluate the impact of public investments.

Block 5 provides instructions on how to support SMEs to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects highlighting also the role of non-financial instruments.

The training modules are useful tools that can provide the users with knowledge and materials on national, regional and local level. The training materials selected in thematic blocks allow the user to easily access his/her area of interest. In addition, the online course provides repetitive use and easy download of all of the materials.

The course is freely available to anyone upon registration. If you want to participate, please contact your national FIRECE partner or the responsible partner ENVIROS (office@enviros.cz, pavel.ruzicka@enviros.cz).


The project is financed from Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme and lasts from 01/07/2017 to 30/09/2020.

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