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The City of Lviv in Ukraine was announced as winner of the EBRD’s 2020 Gold Award for Environmental & Social Best Practice. Developing the first EBRD’s Green Cities Action Plan-GCAP in Ukraine, Lviv has agreed on a number of green actions through piloting new initiatives and projects.

Throughout this collaboration with EBRD, Lviv has consistently placed environmental and social innovation at the top of its city planning. For example, it piloted the EBRD’s Green Cities Programme in Ukraine as one of the first local governments in the Ukraine, they undertook voluntary CO2 reduction obligations under the EU Covenant of Mayors, and have developed a number of environmental projects.

The ENVIROS experts together with the EMPRESS developed the Green City Action Plan for Lviv consisting out of proposed green actions and financial aspects of each individual action. Our experts have developed set of actions in different fields of city operations which have great impact on the climate changes and city resilience. In addition, the actions will have significant positive impacts economic growth, job creation, public health and safety and improved access to public amenities and green spaces.

For instance, the implementation of the total GCAP is expected to bring following results:

  • CO2 emissions reduction: 153,000 tones / year;
  • Water savings: 10 million m3 / year.

ENVIROS congratulates our colleagues in Lviv City Council for the Environmental & Social Best Practice Award!



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