Do you know how to reduce consumption and energy costs and save money in long term?

Are you considering new measures in your energy systems but are not sure whether they are effective and efficient?

About this service

A Savings Plan gives you:

  • Necessary information on the feasibility of planned measures
  • Facts about the finance return
  • Information on possible sources of funding

An energy assessment is a very effective tool that focuses on specific solutions that comply with legislation obligations or mandatory attachments for obtaining subsidy funds.

The obligation to prepare an energy assessment modifies the Energy Management Act, which also regulates the requirements for the content of the assessment and the qualifications of its auditors. For energy expertise, we have a number of energy specialists certified by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

This service includes

Under the energy savings plan we provide:

  • We describe and assess the current state of your energy systems or selected units of your energy system
  • We review potential measures from an economic and environmental point of view (our specialists have meters for detailed evaluation of benefits)
  • We propose alternative measures if necessary, including the assessment of technical feasibility and risks
  • We prepare your Savings Plan – the basis for making your strategic decisions
  • We evaluate the possibility of subsidies for the Savings Plan:
    • We demonstrate the benefits achieved from subsidies
    • We will arrange compliance with legislative requirements
    • We calculate the evaluation criteria within the recommended grant programmes and recommend the level of subsidy (including profit gain probability )
    • We present the results and recommendations of the Savings Plan

Under the energy assesment we asses the TECHNICAL, ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL feasibility of:

  • alternative systems of energy supply when you build new buildings or significantly change an existing building with energy source with installed output of over 200 kW.
  • implementation of electricity production in energy management with total thermal output over 5 MW
  • implementation of heat supply in energy management with total electricity output over 10 MW
  • projects for
    • improving energy performance in buildings
    • improving energy efficiency
    • emission reduction from combustion sources
    • use of renewable and secondary energy sources or combined production of electricity and heat

We evaluate the performance of the projects implemented under the above programs.

Target group

Our experience


billion CZK of secured subsidies for our clients


Act 406/2000 Coll.


certified energy specialists


Customer: eco GROUP a.s. VETROPACK MORAVIA GLASS, akciová společnost Plzeňská energetika a.s. Severočeská teplárenská, a.s. SAINT-GOBAIN PAM CZ s.r.o. Žatecký pivovar, spol. s r. o.

Energy Assesment

Energy assessment was developed under Act No. 406/2000 Coll. on Energy Management as an instrument for assessment of  new technical investment plan efectivness and efficiency and for the need of the…

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