Looking to make energy savings with no capital expenditure?

Pay for your investments through your savings.

The Contractor is motivated through the Energy Performance Contract to achieve the savings to recover the investment costs.

About this service

EPC (Energy Performance Contracting) znamená energetické služby pro vás se zárukou.

  • Long-term reduction of energy consumption and other operating costs
  • The contractor will guarantee the success of the project. This means achieving the contractual savings and return on the investment
  • The contractor and investor are both motivated by significant savings and return of adequate investment
  • Unlike other investor-contractor relationships the contractor is not motivated by an increase of the investment costs
  • The complete project is implemented by one contractor:
    • The Contractor develops the technical project documentation
    • The Contractor installs the agreed measures
    • The Contractor ensures project funding (if it is relevant)
    • The Contractor guarantees the level of achieved savings
    • The Contractor implements energy management instrumentation (on-line monitoring of the energy consumption; energy usage is under control and it is therefore possible to manage it)
  • Improving the quality of the environment

Availability of EPC projects

Government institutions and organisation (contributory organisation)

  • Suitable for organisations financed through the national budget
  • Register your project for your Ministry as an investment activity without investment from the state budget at the Ministry of Finance
  • The EPC methodology can be used in Ministry buildings and buildings of all institutions managing by ministries without the right of state budget financing at the Ministry of Finance (e.g. faculty hospitals, universities, state culture centres, office buildings and other buildings)

Regions and Municipalities

  • Suitable for organisations financed by regional and town budgets
  • The regional or town councils approves the proposal and after the procurement of energy service provider also approves the contract of the winning tender
  • EPC can be used for hospitals, schools (kindergartens, comprehensive and secondary), culture centres (theatres, centres), sport centres (swimming pools, winter stadiums), authority office buildings, other buildings


  • Production (industrial and commercial)
  • Non production (shopping centres, administration buildings, culture centres and other)
  • Budget and legislation rules are not mandatory (in contrast to public buildings), the contract procedure is easier.

This service includes

  • Selection of buildings suitable for the EPC methodology
  • Definition of project parameters and project options
  • Negotiation of energy efficiency targets and appropriate energy efficiency measures
  • Explanation of the concept and next steps
  • Project negotiation with the relevant authorities
  • Procurement process
    • preparation of full tender documentation for procurement of an energy service company (energy service with guarantee), qualification documentation, tender notification etc.
    • assistance or leadership on behalf of the client in the tender procedure
    • selection of the most appropriate energy contractor (ESCO) in line with Act 134/2016 – on Public procurement § 60  – Negotiated procedure with publication
    • assistance in the contracting process with the selected ESCO
  • Verification of achieved savings
  • Our services can be also paid through achieved energy savings

Our experience


million CZK of invested funds


more than 20 projects


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