Do you need to analyse or predict the development of an energy market (EM)?

Are you interested in analysis of the complete energy chain from primary energy supply, through energy transmission to its final usage?

About this service

We use our linear optimisation model EFOM/ENV containing a technological database of actual and promising technologies and their costs.

What are the standard elements of our solution?

  • Calculation of scenarios under specified conditions and sensitivity analysis for changes in selected parameters
  • Calculation of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Cost calculation curves for emission reduction (marginal costs)
  • Impact of energy subsidies and taxes
  • Influence of promising technologies

Try the Czech emissions calculator that we developed together with the Ministry of the Environment.

This service includes

  • We perform analysis of current trends of particular segments of EM – development of coal industry, oil industry, gas industry, electricity and heat production balance studies, development of final energy consumptions depending on the development of the market, comparing the development in the Czech Republic with other countries.
  • We can map trends – predictions and forecasts of national economy development, individual industries, global energy markets, world energy prices, local sources and energy prices.
  • We incorporate planned changes of legislation, programmes at the level of the Czech Republic and EU – international (e.g. emission) commitments, etc.
  • We calculate the scenarios and interpret the results – we formulate the scenarios (the goal of calculation) and the specific methodology of calculation.

Zajímavá čísla


6 MWh - Electricity consumption per 1 inhabitant in 2015


12,5 TWh - Net electricity export of the CR in 2015


10852 MW - The highest electricity demand in the CR in 2015


Customer: Czech Hydrometeorological Institute

Projections of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The subject of the project was to develop projections of greenhouse emissionsin the CR for the energy sector and industrial processes in 2010, 2015, 2020, 2025, 2030 a 2035…

Customer: Ministry of the Environment

Greenhouse Gas Emission Calculator

The subject of the project was to develop a Greenhouse Gas Emission Calculator for the CR till 2050 according to the British model 2050 Pathways Calculator. The Calculator is…

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  • Platforma podnikatelů pro zahraniční rozvojovou spolupráci

    Business Platform for Development Cooperation


    Czech Green Building Council

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